Early Registration Discount:  If you register for the pageant and pay your fees in full before the early bird deadline, you
are entitled to a $25 discount.  We encourage everyone to register early.  This gives you more time to seek sponsorships
and to fund raise.     

HIGHLY Recommended Contestant Informational Sessions:  Every contestant is highly recommended to attend one
informational meeting.  You will have various dates to choose from:  please refer to pageant web page.    Locations may

In-person Registration: While we strongly encourage you to register on-line, you may register in-person at one of our
contestant informational meetings.  

Sponsorships:  We encourage our contestants to seek business sponsorships.  Many businesses will consider covering
all or some of your pageant fees.  Business sponsors will be noted in the pageant program book.  

Sibling Discount:  Younger siblings are offered a $25.00 discount on their beauty competition fees (however no other
additional discounts will apply).  Please register your oldest child first and contact our office for additional registration

Payment must be made by Money Order, Check, Cash, or PayPal. Your information will not be accepted and entered into
the official pageant registry until payment is received. Registrations will be held for ONE WEEK pending payment. If no
payment is received after seven days, your registration will be removed from the roster and the waiting list will be
consulted.  Please submit one application PER CHILD.

To Contestants;

1. Once you register, you are automatically committed to this event, so DO NOT register if you’re not going to be
2. Do not enter pictures of anyone but yourself. This means that you cannot enter photos for your friends, family, etc.
3. No insulting/flaming how contestants look or you would be disqualified.
4. No nudes or any other mature content.

To Members not participating in this Event
[All rules which apply to members not participating also apply to the contestants.]

1. No insulting/flaming how contestants look or you will be banned from viewing the pageant, and receive a warn.
2. No saving other contestant's photos.
3. No editing other contestant's photos.
4. No posting other contestant's photos on social websites such as Facebook, Myspace, etc.

Contestants Requirements
  1. Contestants agree that the contest judges’ decisions on all matters relating to the Beauty Pageant World are final,
    absolute, and binding.
  2. Contestants warrant that she is not under contract with any person, firm or corporation that would prevent her
    appearance or participation in Beauty Pageant World.
  3. Contestants consent and agree to unrestricted use by Beauty Pageant World and its authorized representatives,
    advertisers, successor, sponsors, customers, and assigns of the name, pictures, likeness, voice, photographs,
    biographical information and statements for purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity in any and all media
    throughout the world in perpetuity without additional compensation, notification or permission, unless prohibited by
    law. Contestants also waive the right to inspect or approve such pictures, postings, advertising, videos used in
    connection thereof.
  4. All contestants Beauty Pageant World, agree to participate in the filming of the pageant, a film that will document
    the full pageant contest, from the beginning of the pageant through to the end without compensation. Additionally,
    the winners of Beauty Pageant World agree to be filmed as pageant winners and representative of Beauty Pageant
    World without compensation.
  5. Beauty Pageant World is not responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for non-telecast of the show, or
    noncompeting/non-occurrence of the event.
  6. By participating, Contestants, their successors and representatives, hereby release and hold harmles Beauty
    Pageant World and its organizers and sponsors and its affiliates, principals, directors, officers, employees and
    agents from any and all liability for any damages (including direct, special, consequential, exemplary or indirect
    damages), loss or injury of any kind, or claims based on publicity rights, defamation, or invasion of privacy, arising
    from or in connection with Beauty Pageant World or any prize won, whether arising out of contract, warranty,
    negligence, strict liability in tort or otherwise.
  7. I, _________________________________, hereby certify that I have read and I understand and I agree to abide
    by these rules and regulations for the upcoming Beauty Pageant World Contest(s) and that I meet these
    requirements. I further agree to fully honor the terms and conditions of this Agreement and agree to indemnify
    Beauty Pageant World Contest and its organizers and sponsors against all claims and causes of Acton that may
    occur as a result of my fault. I hereby release and discharge Beauty Pageant World and its organizers and
    sponsors, its successors and persons, officers, authorized representatives, individuals connected with it from any
    responsibility, liability or claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses, loss of service, opportunity or any
    consequential event arising out of any act or occurrence during or leading up to or subsequent to the Beauty
    Pageant World contest(s).